Kauai Grown Farmers Markets

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About The Markets Each farmers market has a unique personality, so you'll find a range of food and activities that turn an ordinary visit into extraordinary foodie fun. Kauai farmers markets include everything from cooking demonstrations and live music to gourmet vendors and hot meals.

Of course, all markets sell fruit and vegetables harvested that morning, and Kauai Grown vendors proudly display our logo. This stamp of authenticity, validated by the Kauai County Farm Bureau, insures that the produce was grown here on Kauai.
Kauai Grown featured markets The Wednesday Kauai Culinary Market and Saturday Kauai Community Market are partnerships with the Kauai County Farm Bureau, and a wide variety of Kauai Grown products are featured, along with hot meals, special events, and more.
Kauai Farmers Markets
Spending a couple of carefree hours at the farmers market is an ideal way to immerse yourself in the colors and flavors of Kauai's exotic produce. Sample farm fresh fruit and vegetables, and meet the farmers, they're happy to share recipes!

Year-round growing conditions enable markets to be open every day of the year. The people of Hawaii are deeply connected to the land, so every market is outdoors, and draped in the Garden Island's timeless beauty.

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